Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Crazy Obsession - Cabbage Patch Kids!

I am sure most of you know this but mike and i have moved so we are spending our days and nights getting the house together (clutter is my nemesis) - while moving things from the lake that have been in storage i found my cabbage patch kids so i thought "HOW CAYUTE" they will go in annie's room on her rocking chair so i bring them home (after mike hemmed and hawed a LITTLE) I "snuck" them in the house and put them in annie's closet with her other "new room" things - i will say i am a little neurotic i am thinking of putting them in matching smocked dressed that go with the decor (but i digress) when mike discovered them we were joking about them - i said as seriously as one can who once loved cpks "i have ALWAYS wanted to go to Babyland General" so of course i google it (i google EVERYTHING) and voila - it's like tara in gone with the wind....BEHOLD MY BEAUTY it cries out...after further investigation i see this um - they have a LIFE SIZE cpk that comes to your birthday party - immediately i turn to mike and say "OMGAW CAN WE PLEASE HAVE MY 40TH BIRTHDAY THERE" (yes i was serious) he looks at me and says "um- no" WHAT???? i even found one that i wanted
her name is BERNICE - isn't she precious?? seriously how could you leave THAT face at babyland general longer than necessary??? (YES - common sense kicked in - i want to redo the house) anyway - we were watching tlc (i have no idea why - we never have before) and then he said it " DENA - my crazy obsession - CABBAGE PATCH KIDS" - i don't know why anyone thinks that's a crazy obsession AND THEN IT COMES ON....
these people have OVER 5000 cpk and take one specific one "kevin" everywhere with them - they live in a trailer so their cpk collection can live in $230,000 climate control buildings (yep, i'm not looking so crazy right now am i)and then in typical dena fashion - it hits me!
theresa guinevere (blonde) and roberta (red hair) MUST come watch their friends the cpks on tv were having a playdate on a train and hot air balloon (one of the ladies said "this is his first time on a train" uh huh ****PS the red headed doll roberta was my nannie's - she left her to me when she passed away***
i am so blessed to live with someone who thinks my quirkiness (i prefer that over cray cray) is endearing and is fun enough to go along for the ride...HAHAHAHAHAHA so here are the girls on "date night with daddy" even if you've never met him you HAVE to have fallen in love with him just now ;) soooooo if anyone has a cpk they don't want send them to us - i am DYING to set up some funny pictures and scare the crap out of mike!! plus it will just be funny as sh#t!! find the episode and watch it - sooooooo worth it!

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Cheri said...

This totally cracks me up! I saw that commercial for that couple- never imagining I was related to another cabbage patch addict! :)

Darby said...

Dena... seriously this is the most hilarious post I've ever read. I laughed so hard... you are hilarious & might need professional help! ;)

julie said...

Girl, you are soooooooooo flippin funny!!