Thursday, May 31, 2012

and STILL counting...

when I said all week I MEANT IT!!!

Lunch with my niece at Runaway Bay - It's a super cute house on waterfront park with awesome atmosphere and jamaican food - I had jerk chicken - YUMMO

Then onto Breakin in the Hood - we had a few friends over to help "break in the house" to make sure it's party ready!! It was SOOOO FUN!

the girls hanging in the kitchen? Nah we just went in there because the light was better! caYute!

and it wasn't just joshie was there too - i don't think i've ever seen him laugh so much!

ahhhhh....LOVE HIM!

Stephanie - LOL - poor thing she was telling Joshie at 1:30 they HAD to go as he was getting one more beer!

Tika's first party with the gang - she kept everyone in stitches...she's a party must!

Oh - my girl! I hate that she lives so far from me...we will be TROUBLE when she moves back!!!

OMG - they are sooo stinking cute - we love him already but he's been keeping her
around town more so that's a bonus!!!

I can't even say how much fun i had this week but i can say - watch out because we'll be having the 40 day countdown to the BIG 40 possibly in a city near you!!

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Donna said...

Oh my gah!! Looks like SO much fun!! I love that you took pics of you with all your co-partiers! Too cute! ANd I lov that you celebrate a birthday all week long! I may have to adopt that practice!

On my sidebar, when I see your post update, I don't see a picture of beautiful you or your beautiful party, I see a picture of poop - okay it's the jerky meal, but really small it looks like poop and the words "still counting" next to it. It's kinda funny. Maybe. ;-)