Friday, June 01, 2012

school's out for summah!!!

ANOTHER year has come and gone...i can't believe it! so of course there's an end of the year PARTAY!!! girls getting their dessert on!

ms. beesley - annie's sweet shadow - they are a mess and make the cutest pair!!
we love having her with annie!!

you say party and put out a table FULL of cakes...carrot, red velvet, chocolate, marble, choc cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes you get a room FULL of faculty!
EVERYONE knows annie bc she and ms beesley like to go visiting so someone was always
chatting with her and she was always saying "i'd like you to meet my mommy - dis is my mommy - Mommy dis is________(insert most teachers in the school)

This is her sweet mobility teacher - i have NO idea how she's so skinny - look at that plate... she looked at her diet coke and said "who am i kidding?"

this is madison and cayla's last year at the school - they're moving up to middle school so they were having one last hug - they will be in the same school together next year and talk on the phone all the time

Annie LOVES her class!!

SERIOUSLY CAYUTE! Annie and Rebekkah

Priss and I

oops a little close

i feel sorry for poor sweet christian - annie LOVES him and is always hugging him - holding onto him - pulling him...he just smiles!!

We are so blessed to have such an amazing school for annie - her teachers are fantastic - they love her and take such good care of her - now what will feel like next week i will be talking about her first day of 2nd grade but until then
summah time - summah time!!

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Mari said...

Congratulations to Annie for finishing another year! She's growing up too fast.
They know how to end the year right!

Terri said...

summertime,summertime - how I love summertime....our school ends on thursday!!!

Maalai said...

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Nichole, Mia's Mommy said...

Just you wait 2nd grade will fly by and then onto 3rd ... that is where Mia is and she is NOT looking fwd to it because it means state assessments lol So lucky that our girlies get the one on one attention :)

julie said...

HOW SWEET!! And love YOUR dress too!! :)