Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Look what Mommy can do!!!!

So I FINALLY got a new camera (Happy Mother's Day) I am sooo excited and it takes VIDEOS so watch out! You are gonna be soooooo sick of Annie!!!

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Jennisa said...

Oh, that's so fun! It's so much fun to hear your voice!

Abby and Reese said...

How could we EVER get sick of Annie?! Love your new gadget...Soooo jealous!

Amy said...

Love the camera...You can download them and burn them to CDs just for fun! She is darling!

Anonymous said...

What a fun Mother's Day present!!! I promise I'll never get sick of Annie. Bring on the videos! It makes me feel like I'm hanging in the 'Ville. Miss you, Aunt Lele