Friday, May 11, 2007

My Days - God knows I love good humor!

So I am sitting here at work assembling pillowcase invitations and my phone rings.... My friend,
Virginia calls - She has been trying to come up with a theme for the twins party in July!
Here's the story!

V. " Hey - do you have time for a funny?"
D. "Always - What's up?"
V. " So I am at the new Publix and I see Parties by Christine so I decided to give her a call"
D. "Oh good...Any help?
V. "She is an adult party specialist - when I listened to her message I blushed"
D. "So that's a NO for the twins?"
V. " Ah - that would be a no!"
V. "So was that a funny?"
D. " THAT will have me chuckling throughout the day!"

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FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

Now I am really blushing!!! Glad that you enjoyed my funny!

LeslieW. said...

That Virginia make me laugh! What a great "funny."

annie said...

Thanks btw for your comment.
p.s. happy mother's day

Anonymous said...

Well, it takes all kinds of parties... I wouldn't recommend it for the twins, though. That's funny, Lele