Friday, May 11, 2007


Well Looking at the pictures it does appear that a little bit does go a L O N G way---When you are standing in it - it doesn't look as though I made a dent but there is a plan and an end in sight...If I can just figure out how to get those roots up! But here's what happened last night - I hope by Monday there are plants, straw and a bench! We shall see!!!!

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LeslieW. said...

It looks great! I love those BIG ferns!

bereccah said...

looking good - the best way i have found to get rid of nasty old root systems is with a truck. like yours. lawton can help you. heck, i pulled a whole pampas(sp?) bush out with a honda.

Anonymous said...

Rebeccah makes me laugh- pulled out a bush with a Honda. Hehe! The house looks great. I love the ferns and the window boxes! Lele