Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday 13

1. Get My Contractor's License - I don't know why - I just thought it would be fun and challenging

2. Move to the Bahamas - I still think God will find a way for me to live on the beach - drive a pink jeep and own a jet ski company!

3. End up as the mother of FOUR girls - I don't think anything would be more fun - I only have 2 bedrooms so God will have to move some awesome mountains but I have them named and am ready !

4. Take my Series 7 - my dad always wanted me to be some sort of financial advisor - I can say I haven't done that well for myself but I sure can tell others what to do!

5. FINISH my house! I did buy some plants today (Thanks Kane) and the front yard work will begin but there is still so much to do!

6. Go to London to see the Laura Ashley Flagship store - Never was I more in my element than in a Laura Ashley dress carrying my Laura Ashley Luggage that matched my Laura Ashley Bedding (Leslie and I had the same Laura Ashley pattern in college!)
7. Paint my entire house pink - yes both inside and out - I won't but gravy, it would be FUN!
8. Own an old school VW Bug Convertible- Red with white top in mint condition
9. Start a not for profit to raise grant money for adoptive parents
10. Learn to play the guitar
11. Own a horse - I hear they are messy and hard to keep but they look so fun to ride (I don't know how to ride one and they scare me a bit)
12. Start another business and another and another - I want to be a little boutique babe!
13. Be able to quote any verse in the Bible at will!

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LeslieW. said...

Those sound like so much fun! Except the contracter and series know I do hate some school! I hope there's room in the bug and jeep for us!

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

Let me help you with those plants! I love to garden. I used to want a purple Jeep -- think there's room on that island for me?

Anonymous said...

I can probably help you with at least one of those things. We WILL go to the Laura Ashley flagship store. It's time for a trip! Lele