Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day! I am truly blessed!

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.
1 Samuel 1:27

As I reflect on my journey as a Mother, it occurs to me what a blessing Motherhood truly is - All Mothers go through tremendous challenges and adventures to get where they are ~ I always look at my friends who have given birth to their children and think - Wow! Lord, I could never have done that - the pregnancy, the morning sickness, the waiting, the worry...They are amazing women and to have MORE than one is a true testament to their faith - I always thought I did it the "easy" way..Did the paperwork, the praying, the praying, the praying and the waiting - I "chose" Annabelle, but the truth is God chose Annabelle - I can't imagine having any other child, any other way
There is no easy way to become or be a parent, it is truly a path you follow as God leads the way...You may take the wrong turn but God GENTLY nudges you back on the path -

I often hear "you have done a tremendous thing" or "she's so lucky to have you"
What I did was nothing amazing and to be honest I am the BLESSED one!

So that being said - Happy Mothers Day!

To all of my wonderful friends, thank you for being such inspirations and guides - The Lord has blessed me more than I will ever be able to thank Him ~ My cup runneth over!

To my Mom ~ You are wonderful, I am glad to have you as my Mother and friend but your role as Annie's Grannie never ceases to amaze me - your kindness, patience and generosity truly overwhelms me!

To Isabel ~ the FIRST Mother Annabelle had - Thank you sooo much for the care you took of Annie ~ She whas been such a joy and blessing and I know that has to do with you!

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LeslieW. said...

Beautiful thoughts, I am so blessed by your spirit of gratefulness. Blessings to you!

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

Happy tears! Thank you for bringing light to the blessings we share. It warms my heart to bask in the glow of love you share with your daugthter.

bereccah said...

Busy busy busy! You have such an awesome heart and I love you for that! Combine that with a wicked sense of humor and you are just about perfect! Well, you may be actually perfect but I'm not completely convinced...yet

Anonymous said...

Aww,Dena, That is beautiful. We are blessed and your written thoughts were a blessing to me today!- Linds

Anonymous said...

What a journey is right! I'm so blessed to have been a small part of that journey. Visiting and bringing home Annabelle from Guatemala was definitely in my top five things that I have done in my lifetime. The experience was so inspiring and confirmed to me that I want to be a mother. I hope that giving birth AND adopting is in my future. I can't wait to be a mother and share this experience with you. I love both of you, Aunt Lele