Monday, May 21, 2007


What a BEAUTIFUL day!!! Kane and Les were kind enough to invite me out on the boat! Wow - NOW I am soooo excited about summer! Les and I just showed up - Kane did everything else! He even entertained Abby and let her "drive" so we could get some sun and chat!!! Our original plan was to go for a ride and be home in plenty of time to get showered and ready for MOM'S NIGHT OUT - but as you will see - We got home in time to change and be 15 minutes LATE!!! I got a little more sun than I thought but it's already blended in (except on the nose!)

Mom's night out was super fun - There were TEN of us!!! Our flock is growing! We went to dinner and 1/2 of us went to Target and then met up with the others at O'Lacey's ~ Where our sweet friend John tended to our every need and even let us look at the karoake books ~ NO ONE sang!!!!
It was a wonderful time ~ It's nice to get out with your "priends"!!!

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LeslieW. said...

It was such a fun day! I am way more excited about the boat now. I am so glad we made it to dinner, I was so excited we had so many girls show up!

Anonymous said...

I want to be Leslie and Kane's "priend". The boat looks so much fun and your tan is rockin'. You're going to look great at the wedding!! Do you think they would take me for a ride? Looks like a fun Mom's night too. I am really missing the 'Ville. I need to come down soon. -Lele

Jennisa said...

You two need to come to South Dakota and have a fun night out with me! I'm jealous... :)