Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend!

Alright - I definitely feel as though we packed A LOT into this holiday weekend ~ I went to the lake to join the family on Sunday morning after a pool buying trip to Target! I also got Annie a new water table so she could have lots of Splish Splash fun! So we spent the day watching the pool fill up with water playing with the table and feeding the Geese that come because my mom feeds them! They have had chicks and they are super cute! They do hiss at us even though we are providing them with lunch but it makes me laugh ~ Annie chases the BIG one and says "You Mean"

After waiting patiently - we couldn't stand it any longer - It was time to get our suits on and play in the pool! (it's going to take a while to warm up so we figured we could stand it while it was VERY shallow) - So then we got out Annie's pool so she and Elmo could play and splash! It was fun and I can see it's time for swimming lessons!!!! We had some dinner and went to relaxing when the phone rang...It was Shaun (my cousin) FUN - He and Angela and their friends were coming to join us for the night and day!!! We love lots of people at the "yake"

So Monday was fun too - the pool was too cold to get into so we had to go out on the boat ~ (sooo sad) We were about to get on the boat and YEAH - Aunt LeLe called she was on her way too!!!

That's the BEST! She is always lots of fun and she said she was coming with GIFTS!!! She loves to buy things for Annie and Annie loves her to, so it works out and she always picks the neatest stuff ~ She got Annie a doll that has Annabelle on the hat and looks like Annie and a lake towel with ponies (Annie's favorite) and her name! We love Aunt LeLe!!! It was sad that the day had to end but work calls and we were packing up to leave when Hobo (the cat my mom feeds) ATTACKED my leg! Now I must admit ..... If you have never been in a literal cat fight I don't suggest it - And I got BIT TWICE- It's like little vampire fangs and it HURTS! So after I am done with this (because blogging IS foremost) I am going to call my doctor to see if I need a tetnis shot or if I need to deliver the cat to the nearest vet for rabies testing! BLASTEST!

One final note - I would like to say I didn't forget the reason I got to take a day to enjoy my family ~ So I would like to say THANK YOU to our troops and the families of our troops - What you do does not go without notice and prayers!
And a special prayer to all of the families of the fallen troops...
Happy Memorial Day!

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LeslieW. said...

It looks like you had BIG lake fun! We can't wait to go sometime too!

Anonymous said...

Well, I could have done without the picture of me. Annie sure is cute, though. I'm so glad I was able to visit and bring presents. You know I love to buy for my little Annie. After what Hobo did to you and Annie I hope he takes a hike and doesn't find his way back! It was a fun day. Thanks for having me. Love you- Aunt Lele

Lindsay said...

What a fun time! I hope elmo put on lots of sunscreen!