Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen!


1. I happen to look REALLY good in ORANGE!
4. The goose bumps you get when the team runs down the hill
5. The trip TO the game everyone is sooo excited and chatty
6. Death Valley
7. The Coakleys have BOX seats which they let us use on crappy games
8. Our parking spot - it's 6 rows from the stadium
9. Our SEATS - they are great!
10.The games we can't go to are ALWAYS on TV
11. The noise - it is soooo awesome
12. Seeing my old stomping grounds and how much it changes every year!
13. Did I mention TAILGATING...We bring a TV & satellite to watch the other games - we chat eat food, drink a beer and watch the kids ride down the hill on boxes!


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LeslieW. said...

Somethings wacky, I can't wait to read the list!

bereccah said...

Yuck. Garnet and black are waaaay prettier!

Lele said...

I'm glad that I look good in garnet AND black!! I'm one of the lucky ones where one of my school colors is a very slimming color. Orange, not so much. Your Thursday Thirteen does make me want to go to a Clemson game, though. As hard as it is to admit, Death Valley is pretty awesome. It still doesn't rival The Coop, Steve Caswell's massive grill, Williams Brice and "2001". I have to say that the combination of all of those is pretty hard to beat!!! And we are having a game before you!!! GO COCKS on Saturday!!!

Terri said...

You are too funny. You must really love football! I'm just really not into football although our high school played their first game last Friday and they won. That's exciting because we just started football about 4 years ago and they haven't won too many games. So we're off to a good start this year. Hope your team has a great year too.!!! (We need some pictures of you in your orange!)

Lindsay said...

I bet you just happen to look really good in purple too! I wish I could love clemson football like you do..My husband might love me even more than he already does!

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

That sounds awesome! I love me some orange, too, but usually combine it with BLUE! Hehe.

Amy said...

Clemson games are fun. I guess I am just not into it since I went to a school without a football team. But I love a reason to dress up and enjoy adult beverages!

Melissa said...

Don't tell chris i do like some of that clem-sonian! I try to lie and say go-cocks oooccassionally!

LeslieW. said...

That is a grrrrreat list! I'm sad you are going to be so busy now that it's football season!

Lindsay said...

who is that in this pic with you?..looks familiar.

jenniedub said...

I say go RED and BLACK from a Ga girl! Just Kidding. I should introduce you to my cousin and his wife. They both went to Clemson and her grandaddy was the Dean forever. I think they have awesome seats, too! They are some tailgating fools as well! Go Tigers! (Don't tell my finance I said that!)

Jennisa said...

I was watching tv tonight, and went by the Clemson game, and thought of you! They were kickin' some tail!