Thursday, August 02, 2007


Thirteen things we did at that Chuck E Cheese!

1. We laughed at the Reeser
2. We rode some rides
3. We ate PIZZA (and it was actually quite good)
4. We played with our priends
5. We missed Cole, Jonah, Judah, Mary and Jack
6. We had a mini date (that's Annie and Mac in the car on a "date")
7. We watched Lily Kate, Abby and Emma ride the roller coaster
8. We loved that man in the car with his doggie
9. We drank LOTS of Lemonade
10.We hugged our priends
11.We laughed and squealed a lot
12.We didn't use any of our tokens
13.We went home and told Grannie EVERYTHING!!!!

It was clean and chaotic but Annie and Leslie love it so much we are going again for playgroup at the end of the month!!!!

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HomeSchool Mommy said...

You Chuck E. Cheese has a roller coaster?!!?! LUCKY!!!

LeslieW. said...

It was clean? Did you mean not clean? I had a blast...already can't wait for next month. I might have to bring my own vanilla coke though!

Jeffcoat House said...

Fun! Annie is definitely taking charge! We missed you guys too!

Kimberly said...

Sounds like you had a blast, wish we could've gone Landen loves CHuck E. Cheese

Aunt Lele said...

Annie- you'll have to keep telling your Mommy how much you like Chuck E. Cheese. I'm not sure she is convinced of its greatness yet!!

annie said...

CEC is so LOUD!!! I think that's one reason ALL kids love it so much. Looks like Annie had a great time there! Fun list, great pictures... how's the hair? Are you getting used to it? I am still on the fence about whacking all mine off...

Buffie said...

Hey Annie, Mac said he loved it when you took control in the car!!! Mommy totally missed that moment! We had so much fun with you too!!!