Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ain't She SWEET!!!

I have been bringin' in the NOISE and DA FUNK this week - My sweet friend Virginia came in today and could obviously see I needed some CHEERING!!! This is an email she sent me today...

In an effort to help you find your smile, thought I'd send a quick e-mail your way with some things I love about YOU!:

1. You truly are Miss Summerville!
2. Who else has a pressure washer, a pig roaster AND the coolest stationery shop in town?
3. You're super sassy and will actually tell a friend when they have spinach in their teeth OR when they are truly talking bull.
4. You aren't afraid to go out with a friend's husband's cousin whom you've never met!
5. You have an adorable house that's just around the corner and is always open for emergency potty stops!
6. You and your sweet daughter are in our playgroup!
7. You have a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh.
8. You join us for date night -- and we love the company!
9. You set up our blog, and we love having it & checking everyone's daily.
10. You're great at keeping track of how everyone's doing, who's sick, who need prayer, who's out of town, etc. Truly a resource!
11. You've got the sweetest lab ever -- who could resist Georgia?
12. You are so warm and welcoming and a fabulously gracious hostess.
13. You love God and are a great Christian.

Hope you enjoyed it!


annie said...

Aw, that is such a sweet email Dena!
If I lived in Summerville I would stop by your house, shop at your shop, take you on date night too!

Jeffcoat House said...


Abby and Reese said...

So true!!!I second!!!

annie said...

another bloggy award, come see!
My Life as Annie!

Lindsay said...

Viriginia can write me a list anytime ;-)What a GREAT friend!

Amy said...

Hey! Stopped by the store today, but you weren't there :(

HOpe you are having a good weekend!

jenniedub said...

Thanks for my congrats. Came over to see your blog. What a great friend. That's what I needed today after my stressful weekend! :)

Mandalyn said...

She sounds like a great friend! Those kind of friends are such a blessing!

sherry said...

hey cus. what's up with you and your family? i miss ya'll so much. i wish i was down there with ya'll right now. i wish i was at the lake again. going there was so much fun.

by the way, did you had a nice mountain trip? what kind if stuff did you do? talk to you later. bye for now.

Lele said...

That was sooo nice!! We don't compliment each other enough, and it's always good to hear the nice qualities about yourself. It is especially helpful after a rough week. I agree with Virginia on everything!!! Love you!!