Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen GADGETS I can't live without!

1. My Hiptop Cell Phone - I can email, text and check my blog - Leslie and I are ALWAYS in touch - we would be LOST without it!

2.My DVR - Keeping up with my shows is a MUST and with a busy schedule like mine there is no way to watch everything when it comes on - and you can FAST FORWARD through commercials!

3.My MP3 Player - that is the ONLY way I roll on the treadmill!

4. My BRA - It is definitely a gadget for sure! I don't know how it does it but it holds these suckers in place and keeps them perky - it's function not fashion!

5.My CAMERA - I take that thing with me EVERYWHERE I go - thank goodness - cause I do catch some great shots and some funny stuff! AND it records so I can watch Annie anytime!

6. My Keyless remote entry to my car - I don't know how we lived before but my battery is dying and I am MORE than willing to pay the 200 bucks not to have to unlock my own door!

7. My Febreze Noticables - when you have a stinky dog and a small house these are a MUST - now when people come to visit I don't have to light a candle or spray!

8. My computer - without which I wouldn't be able to work - google or BLOG - I don't know what I would do all day without it!

9. My REFRIGERATOR! - I mean come on - It holds the chocolate milk, frappucinos, left overs from Les and Sugar and ALL the great meals from Our Daily Bread

10. My alarm system - One click of the pad and safe sleep is moments away!

11. LUNESTA - Well it may not be a gadget but it's something I can't live without! Or SLEEP without but isn't that the same!

12. - It is my FAVORITE! I love that there is a slide on my screensaver so I don't have to choose just one picture!

13. My YMCA card - I love sliding it through and hearing "Have a nice workout" ha - REALLY??? but then I see the smiling faces of Sugar, Claire and Buffie

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annie said...

Great gadgets!!!
Thanks for the birthday wishes & kisses!!!

Jeffcoat House said...

Love this 13!

The Kabine Kids said...

great 13! wish i had some of those gadgets! Thanks for including me in your blog!

The LaBouffs said...

What a fab 13! I couldn't live without alot of those myself!!

LeslieW. said...

Seriously...Lunesta? Girl, you so funny. I love your list! We do love some gadgets! I especially love the hiptop, dvr and keyless remote...and my keyless start. You need that on your next one!

Terri said...

Wow, you sure are up-to-date on all your nifty gadgets. I just got an MP3 last month and Chelsea's still teaching my how to upload and use it. Good thing I've got teenagers to help me along. Who's teaching you all the "hip" things?

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I NEED DVR! I think I'm going to get it soon. I've hesitated, though. I think I'm fat enough without it. Do I really need an excuse to sit MORE?

And, seriously...we have an extra set of keys in our junk drawer. They don't have keyless entry on them, though. There have been several times that I've spent thirty minutes looking for my keys with keyless entry rather than just using the extra set ONE time. I guess it's like walking all over the house looking for the TV remote rather than just changing the channel manually.

Really, what DID we do before these gadgets?

Amy said...

Girl, you know I love some gadgets! What did I ever do before my flat iron and blackberry?!?!

Lindsay said...

I love that I can hear Leslie saying her comment as I read it..Amen to all of those! especially the mp3..who could workout without it?

Lele said...

You are so gadgetlicious!! I love most of those too, but I need to update some of my gadgets and I definitely need you to get me into the bloggie world!! I am being left behind and you know I don't like that:)