Friday, November 18, 2011


I think THIS may be what broke the proverbial camel's back....SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! YES - I woke up Wednesday morning covered in HIVES from HEAD TO TOES! hmmmmm....whatthehellhappened??? Apparently I am allergic to an ingredient in a decongestant... Theraflu - several shots of "the hooch" did me in - OFF to the dr. I go - NOT my usual dr - the one that you get when it's a non urgent emergency...Let's just say he had a stethoscope to my throat making sure i could breathe....hahahaha then I had to go HERE....It was Judy's priss pot grandaughter's 5th birthday party and I couldn't have her miss it!!
I LOVE my job and I HATE my job....i ADORE the girls i work with BUT i am constantly amazed at the outright RUDENESS of the customers....J'adore retail in all it's pink and green, polka dotted magic...and it's a combo of EVERYTHING i love - children's clothing, gifts, monogramming, stationery and invitations...I get to spend someone else's money (i've taken over MOST of the buying for the 2 stores and all of the marketing) and not work on weekends.... BUT THEN THERE'S THIS...."girl" she's probably in her 30s comes in - says we had a conversatiion about a bracelet - long story wasn't me - we had called her (had it written down) - she said she didn't believe us - the ONLY time we could have done it was while her phone was switching over to international whilest they were in the BAHAMAS - let's just say this "HONEY - I don't make enough money to be called a LIAR...." we'll leave it at that and ps that she called back and said i was rude (she speaks the truth bc i won't tolerate that) which then brings me to THIS
We were out having cocktails at a friends' house the other night - of course the girls were gabbing...we were poor mouthing about the economy - WHO ISN'T?!?!?! The girls were spatting about how much they make - I giggled and said "oh lawdy - i am working retail and i shall not tell....One of the girls says "whatever - you'll always be fine" now for those of you not in the know - we own some properties...I WANTED to say (but i'm more polite until i get here) anyway you look at it - i have taken a $50K pay cut over the last year...YES i said it for ALL the world to hear!!! Which brings me to THIS
I want one of these...I've been living in an apartment for over a YEAR - there is stuff everywhere (CLUTTER KILLS ME) I have 4 (yes only 4) purses and i don't have anywhere to store perfectly precious upstair neighbor got a perfectly precious pup who runs around ALL the time - and I can't say for sure but I could just SWEAR he drops weights on the floor and never sleeps...UGH - Annabelle has TOO many toys and i have crap under my bed!!! I want to walk around and have neighbors.. I have moved 15 minutes from where i used to live ~ work in the opposite direction and haven't really seen a soul... my commute to work is an hour (thank goodness i am working from home 2 days a week) but i miss my friends and my life it is a journey i am taking - i understand - i'm pretty good about knowing this is the valley but this week has got me to the point of no return...i want to toss everything non essential into a dumpster while screaming and cussing!!! which then brings me to THIS (maybe this purge will make it all better)
the grannie nannie (my mom - who is like having a nanny/wife/maid combo) the news hound says to me don't you EVER watch the news? I say " NO - all the scoop i need to know is whats trending now on my yahoo account" SERIOUSLY - could this week be ANY sadder/pathetic/worldgonetohellinahandbasket??? I LOVE college football and am just devastated by the Penn State "scandal" i wouldn't call it that - i would call it "serve the ENTIRE staff that was working on a silver platter to the police, parents and victims" now - the Oklahoma State coaches that got killed in a plane crash and the syracuse sex scandal... WHY OH WHY WOULD I WANT TO WATCH THE NEWS WHEN I CAN WATCH PEOPLE BUY HOUSES???? So needless to say I am eager for the weekend and in DESPERATE need of defouling!!!! If you see me on the street - you MAY want to run the other way.....HAHAHAHA - you know i'm not kidding!!! I know BUT it clearly states MIS adventure of the Bailey girls!!!

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Mari said...

This is too much! I've had hives a few too many times, and it's miserable! Add that to the rest and I'd be over the top too. Hang in there - it's going to get better. :) It has too!

Terri said...

You look like you feel miserable - do you think it has anything to do with stress? I really hope you heal up quickly!

LeslieW. said...

Love hearing your honesty. :) Love you for YOU! Dena-isms and profanity and all. MUAH!