Sunday, November 06, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!!

So we took Priss Pot to the Pumpkin Patch......she was SOOOO excited she even agreed to a bow in her hair ;) she had fallen at the lake so she's got a slight fat lip but it didn't slow her down one bit!

Wow - look at all the punkins - how will we ever choose???

We let her pick enough for everyone in her class...let me say A) there's only 5 kiddos in her class B) they are still on the floor in the living room - she just couldn't part with them

This is the one she picked for HERSELF...I really thought we'd have a fight to get her to leave but once she realized when we paid for them she could take them home and have them all to herself she was ready to roll!

We have been having a busy happy fall and hope y'all have too!!

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1 comment:

Mari said...

Cute! She's getting so big. :)
She picked a nice one!