Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I don't love about my job!

1. It has seriously cut into my blogging time!
2. I don't have as much time to chat on da phone
3. Shoe sizing - I am learning fast but I always feel bad when people ask me
"does that shoe fit?"
4. COMPLAINING - it never ceases to amaze me - if someone waited until the last second and we are out of it - they get mad at us!
5. Pricing and changing hangers - what a beast!
6. It crazes me when a parent hands their child something that is FOR SALE to play with while they shop (I have a children's corner)
7. Thomas the Train - it's in the TV and all the kids want to watch it - it creeps me out
8. Re- ordering - I know it's a great thing but it's hard to keep up with!
9. BILLS - BILLS - BILLS - I don't pay them but it makes me sick to talk about money
10. MARKET - I know it sounds like fun but it's very very worky and stressful
11. Sales calls - WOWSA - we get a lot of calls
12. Saying No - sometimes you just have to say it and I can't stand to upset people
13. Did I mention BLOGGING??? I MISS all my time to catch up on everyone's life!

PS - i wouldn't trade my job for ANY other job in the world - but I like everyone to know there are a few annoying things! KISSES!

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The Birds Nest said...

I have to agree with the phone time thing!!! I HATE IT!! We used to be able to talk for hours during the day. I miss that... I DO love that I get to go to market with you, though:)

Jeffcoat House said...

People complain!?!?! I can't believe that! LOL!

Kim said...


I also wanted to saying "SORRY GIRLS! You dont get Jennisa this time... but I DO!"

Amy said...

I can't wait to come to the store soon!

HomeSchool Mommy said...

Even if you DIDN'T have a kids' corner, I would NEVER had my child something to play with unless we were going to buy it. That's just rude! I'm a nice shopper, though. I always hang clothes back (with hanger to the left) properly and return to the rack (in size order). I worked retail in high school/college, so I know what a pain it is to clean up after other people.

Cheri said...

Yup, that would bug me too when the kids are playing with things that are for sale.

LeslieW. said...

Hmmmm. Sorry, I see myself in a few of those.

Buffie said... see myself and my children in those..sorry. Guess the honeymoon is over?? Hehe..I know you totally love your job and are AWESOME at it; please know that. We are all so proud of you for what you have accomplished!!! You Rock!

Terri said...

I know - it has cut into your bloggy time but we understand. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!
I'm betting' it is hard for you to say "no" but ya gotta do it sometimes!

IRENE said...

I have just arrived through Annie's blog. And I am glad I did. I love your music, your photos and that T13 post is just, well, true, and you had me nodding and smiling all the time.
Thank you for a lovely afternoon visit.

Lindsay said...

it must feel good to get that off your chest ;-)..I am about to blog on why i love my job but I definatley have those days when I could do a thursday 13 on the trying aspects of it!

jenniedub said...

Oh my. You should talk to my sis. She works in a lady's upscale clothes boutique. The women LUV to complain about crazy things! Gives us somethin to talk about! :)

Heidi said...

I would imagine it would be very hard to own your own business. But what an awesome one it is! Sounds like it is doing wonderfully!

Jamie said...

Wow, you must love your job if you only have 13 thing don't like. If I posted this, it would be 113 things I don't like. ha ha.