Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I haven't had time to blog about!


I don't know if it's because there is nothing else on but I have watched EVERY debate and I am a total republican! but it's like a wreck I can't look away!

2. Some of the girls are training for a 5K so i am suporting them by walking on the treadmill at the YMCA!

3. The writers strike and how boring things are!

4. Buffie is a little crazed about the Revelations right now so I am totally feeding into her and am reading, talking and learning about Revelations!

5. The FESTIVAL is one MONTH away! It's my FAVORITE thing of the YEAR!

6. My newest obsession - Morning Joe on MSNBC - The Today show is for wimps! hahahah
I am all MSNBC all the time unless I am watching my taped shows!

7. Plate Party at the Pink Croc - those are Annie's little feet in pink on the bunny feet - Soooo cute!

8. The Tu Tu suit came in - only to 24month but I am ordering a few bigger sizes so let me know it you want one!

9. Playgroup Suppers - they have been so much fun - on Tuesdays everyone comes over to eat and play - the kids always sleep good and I LOVE LOVE LOVE having company!

10. I saw this on Kim's and am soooo interested in it so I wanted to know the skinny
you know I love a BLOG and a PARTY!

11. Christmas 2008 Market - I KNOW - it's crazy - I have already bought EVERYTHING for Fall 2008 and it is FANTASTIC! Did I mention i LOVE a reindeer?

12. Spagetti Dinner at my hizouse - It was like William and Annie were on a little date! they had a cozy dinner while everyone else sat at the big table!

13. PRE Season Rankings!

10. Clemson (9-4)
Defensive end Phillip Merling opted for the draft. So did running back James Davis - for a while, anyway. The Tigers kept their talented backfield intact when Davis changed his mind and returned to Clemson.

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Cheri said...

love-love-love the plate. What a great idea.
That picture of Annie on her "date" does make it fast forward about 12 years- it'll be here before you know it!

Buffie said...

Hahaha!!! I love it all!!!

Megan said...

Your inventory is awesome. LOVE THE PLATE, tooooooooo cute! I had a "revelation craze" myself and it really is addicting. Amazing how much stuff can be shoved into one book of the bible. I'd love to hear some of your "findings". I can't wait to visit SC. Shane and I are hoping to come in June for our anniversary and I am definitely dragging him to your shop! :)

LeslieW. said...

Soooo many fun things! No wonder you have no time to blog.

Bonnie said...

I love that plate! What a great idea ! Sooo cute ! And the "date" !! Awwwwwww ....

Melissa said...

i am so lucky i am your friend :)

Heidi said...

I am so with you on the election and the writer's strike! I love that bunny plate, it is soooo cute. So's the reindeer outfit! Your store looks adorable and I love the name of it.

jenniedub said...

So are you ordering tutu suits in big sizes like me? Just cute. Guess I need to start popping some babies out so I can buy this cute stuff ya got over there in SC! :)

Jeffcoat House said...

SWEET! You know I'm liking that tu-tu suit!

Mari said...

Great list. I love the plate! Good for you for walking to support your friends!

Laura said...

So... by bigger sizes, do you mean I could order the tutu in say a women's size 10 or so? he he... just kidding! It's so cute though!

Jennisa said...

Such an ADORABLE tutu! Man, you must be LOVIN' your job...all that shoppin' you get to do!

I'm with you on the MSNBC...the election stuff has been a tad addicting...too bad the silly democrats seem to be more interesting to watch! I'm still hoping to see Huckabee doing SOMETHING...I LOVE him!

Lindsay said...

What could be better than a list that included tu-tu's, the book of revelations, and Tiger Football?????...yeah!

Terri said...

That election - I do love watching Hillary and Obama fighting it out. Maybe they'll scare people into the republican party! They sure scare me.
I love, love that little plate - and what's up with buying clothes for next fall? We can wear them right now, up here!!

Kim said...

Cute Plate...check!
Cute lil Reeser at dinner...check!
Fun Blog Party...check!

We still need to get all bloggie mommies together.. is that even possible?

Jamie said...

Im with everyone else, that plate is so adorable.

Donnie, Cheri, Brock, Alex, Logan....Coming Soon Malaena-Sloan said...

Just found your blog! I LOVE your taste in clothing and would LOVE to be invited to your daughter's yard sale!!! Seriously, your daughter is a doll. Visit our crew at
Cheri (pronounced Cherry as you already had a Cheri post!)
from Missouri

The Birds Nest said...

That reindeer outfit. Are you kidding me??? I assume this will be Annie's Christmas party outfit:)