Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tag - a - licious!

I have been TAGGED by Kim for some foursy fun!

4 Favorite Jobs

1. Mommy

2. Paper Store Owner

3. Lifeguard (wow - the tan)

4. Friend

4 Favorite Local Places

1. Leslie's House

2. The Playground

3. Our Daily Bread

4. My House

4 Favorite Foods

1. Mocha Frappucino

2. LESLIE'S Carrot Cake

3. Our Daily Bread's Asiago Chicken

4. Chicken Chicken Salad

4 Favorite International Place

1. Guatemala (My daughter's birthplace)

2. Jamaica

3. The Bahamas (see my dirty island theme)

4. Norway - it's beauty is AMAZING and everyone looks like me!

4 People I TAG!

1. Leslie (OF COURSE)

2. Sugar

3. Jenissa

4. Virginia

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LeslieW. said...

I'll have to save this for naptime...off to errands.

Lindsay said...

Thats fun! i laughed at the mocha frappachino was considered a food!

Anonymous said...

We really need to take a dirty island trip soon so you have a new place to add to the dirty island theme. If you're nice, I might have a buddy pass with your name on it. I need to get away! Lele

Anonymous said...

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