Thursday, June 14, 2007

Our FIRST (and please God only) trip to the ER!!!

And I am not talking about the show! My phone rings last night at around 10:15PM - It's my mom (of course Annie was spending the night) and I hear Annie crying...Mom said Annie had tripped over her tricycle much like everyday but this time she was complaining about her foot and crying...So Mom went to take a look and said Annie couldn't stand on it and was SHAKING so I say "Meet me at the ER"

Upon getting there I asked Annie if she needed to see the DR - she said "Yes I need to see the docker" ( I think she thought she was going to see Dr. Chris - she LOVES him!)

I told the nurse she may have broken her little foot - I didn't think so BUT she couldnt stand on it so let's check it- as we were checking in at 10:44PM someone walked by and said " We waited SEVEN hours and nothing was wrong!) OHMYGRAVY- I couldn't have made it that long!

So we wait in the waiting room for appx 20 minutes..there were only 2 others waiting.
They took us back - the doctor came - felt her foot said NO broken bones but Xray just in case..
There were some stickers from the nurses to keep us entertained and of course Annie...
She wanted to get in the bed and wait cause "I so tired, tired, tired"
at one point I asked can you walk and she said "Yes I can walk" got out of her stroller and realized her foot hurt so she said "Mommy - I no can walk"
Then it was off to Xrays - that was a little painful as they moved her hurt poot around!
But she was a good sport - she was sooo good they gave her a coloring book and a Dora sticker!

I aksed Annie "what happened?" She said " I pell on my bicycle and then my Grannie held me"
She had what I thought was two black eyes so I said "Does your face hurt?"
Annie " No my pace doesn't hurt just my poot"
I asked " Can you walk?" Annie said " No I can't walk - I need my stroller!"
I mean she even makes the ER funny - since nothing was wrong...she wanted to tell me what happened A FEW times so she kept saying "Mommy can you hear me?"
She still can't walk on it - we will wait until tomorry and see what Dr. Chris says!

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Terri said...

We were just to the ER a couple weeks ago with Shaelyn getting her stitches! Maybe it's that time of year. She didn't tell us what happened right away - all we knew was that she had a gash on her chin. At least we were out of there a lot quicker than you were. I must say though that they treat kids pretty well. Hope Annie's foot is doing better. Keep us updated.

Abby and Reese said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad she is ok...That is so wierd that we were just talking about emergency calls from your mom...That Satan, he sucks.

Amy said...

Oh No! I am glad she is ok...I know that day is coming...She took it like a champ!

The LaBouffs said...

Awww, sorry to hear about her "poot!" Glad everything turned out okay!

Lindsay said...

poor baby! I am sorry. That stinks. I will be praying for annies "poot" and i am sure so will the rest of her "priends" Let me know if we can do anything!

Jeffcoat House said...

AGAHGA! That was a scary call. We're glad all is well!

annie said...

I pray her little poot feels better real soon!

William said...

Glad you're ok, "priend"! If you want to come see my and my daddy tommorrow, we'll be at the office. Love,William

Anonymous said...

Well, you sure took some cute pictures for being in the ER in the middle of the night! I'm glad you were okay. Love you, Aunt Lele

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

So glad that you're on the mend!
Your Priends Mary & Johnny

Jennisa said...

Oh me oh my! Glad all is okay! I just hate ER's!

Kimberly said...

Thank goodness it wasn't broken, but man that must've been a long night, and how funny is she?!! What a sweetheart, bless her little heart