Tuesday, January 08, 2013

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Can y'all believe ANOTHER year has come and gone?
I don't know how time flies and yet seems to stand still at the same time...
This year was crazy, fun, hard, ever changing and we celebrated every bit of it!
I thought MY Christmases were a big deal in my day but let me tell you these kids aren't asking for a plastic tea party set, a cabbage patch kid (although i really wish they would)
or please, please can i have one of those cute phones in my room???

Not these kiddos ~ Christmas 2012
Trampoline - Paintball Mask - Helmet Camera
Ridie Toy - Halo 4 - Nike Sweatshirt 
but the SMILES on their faces were worth every toe of my own I have to paint all year!

I think this is my favorite tree of all times!
It was beautiful (thanks to my mom and her mad decorating skills)
and loaded with perfectly picked presents 
(they gave me a list)
but my favorite thing about this tree is all the love and laughs that surrounded it..

get ready for company...yes, I ironed the comforter - hahaha

boys, boys and more boys

(that's my sweater - not my belly ;)

then it was off to the 2nd Christmas celebration
Annual Family Dinner at The Hilleshiem's
good food ~ great fun ~ lots of drinks ~ cute babies!
It is one of my favorite things about Christmas!!
 Annie scored a soft puppy that looks just like Charlotte
and Mary Cole is wearing the cutest shirt my mom made!

She's saying "thank you Nonnie" for her puppy!

Legos from GrandDennis

Puppy from Nana and Pops

Indoor trampoline - JUMP JuMp jUmP!

 Priss LOVES a puppy!!

be still my heart...

I think it's gonna get lots of use!

 the cayutest face and her 9a.m. candy necklace!

Wrap it up and put a bow on it!

Ridie Toy - she said " I have been missing dis toy foreber"
Mary Cole got this for her birthday so Annabelle has been NEEDING it!
Puppies, Ridie Toy, Talking Doll, Art Easel, Legos, Trampoline
Twins with Bunk Bed, Baby Doll Carriers
I think someone had a VERY good Christmas!!

Let the gift ripping begin

can you tell who got the mask and who got Halo 4?
(notice xbox controller in hand)

 he's so cool - til he gets hit by a paintball

no words are needed for this one 

I am pretending that is just a black zip up
if i see no gamecock it makes it not one

someone found the distortion button on my camera

and then it was over....

so MERRY CHRISTMAS from our house to yours!!
May you have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

(i tried to scan the Christmas card which didn't work so here's the picture we used)

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Looks like a fun time at your place!