Wednesday, January 02, 2013

back to the drawing board....

 hmmm....should I be concerned that they didn't spell our last name correctly?
is that a "there's your sign" sign?

this poor girl is

poked and prodded

and keeps on trucking...

A little pre procedure reading with Grannie

love her precious face

still not awake

what y'all doing to me?

Annie has been getting more independent again (I think she feels more safe at homeschool) and wants to do things but we have to follow her to the bathroom especially because of her drop seizures - she would fall off of the toilet with no muscle control so our neurologist thought maybe a lumbar puncture would give us some answers - apparently there is a folic acid that can be medicated if that were the case so off we went to MUSC poor thing while she was under they also took like 8 vials of blood to look at some other things...sadly, the spinal fluid (i know it even sounds horrible) came back negative so we are back to the drawing board! God love her little self!

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Cheri said...

Oh she's such a little sweetheart. It's so hard as parents to watch them go through things when you feel so helpless. Praying you get some answers! So thankful that she has such a great mama!

Mari said...

Cheri said exactly what I was going to say (Happens all the time!)
She's blessed to have you and Granny too. Praying they find a cause.