Sunday, August 16, 2009


I'm so sneaky - you weren't suppose to take a camera but really it's Dora - Annie's FAVORITE!

The girls shared a seat the second half - I just love their little faces and hearing them chat and giggle!!

It's NOT a "concert" without cotton candy - Aunt LeLe always buys it for her and she is spoiled but hey - it's fluffy sugar who wouldn't be....

The girls were soooo excited when we got there!!

LOOK at them!!! That Reeser and Annie riding in the car holding hands...Annie will tell you that Reeser is her little sister and Abby is her best priend eber!

So FINALLY Dora Live came to town - we have gotten to see some fun things but Dora is our absolute fave! So Leslie, Buffie, Joni and I took all the girls - it was a BLAST....we had gotten 4th row tickets (hey it's Dora) and it was ever so slightly cute when Les pouted that they had put out an extra couple rows ;)

4th row tickets to Dora $45 each
Pink Dora T-shirt $20 bucks
Cotton candy, pretzel and water $20
2 hours with our cute girls at DORA - PRICELESS!!!

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Jamie said...

Looks like fun! My girls would LOVE Dora Live.

Mari said...

Oh what fun! The girls all look so cute and I know they all had such a great time. (and so did their Mom's!)

Cheri said...

So fun and I absolutely adore that picture of Reese and Annie holding hands~

Terri said...

How much fun was that??? Looks like a great time was had by everyone!

Laurie said...

Can you believe they won't let you take pictures! I had my camera and turned off the flash and got several pics! Glad you girls enjoyed the show.