Monday, April 27, 2009

Ice Cream Truck

Annabelle and I were at home with the door open - she was "chalking" on the stoop - I was watching TV when I heard it....the ICE CREAM TRUCK!!! I ran outside to see where it was - I asked Annie if she had ever gotten ice cream from a truck....she hadn't!!! SOOOO we grabbed some $$$ and off we went! We had the best time waiting on the truck...listening to all the good music and getting excited! We got a Dora popsicle and a cherry screwball with TWO gumballs!!! As you can see Annie ended up eating mine! It was a super fun experience although Dora melted in the fridge! We can't wait to do it again!!!
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Mari said...

She'll always hear that sound from here on out! What fun!

Laurie said...

YUM! Sounds like fun on a warm April night!