Saturday, January 17, 2009


I will be back!

I have been hanging with the most beautiful girl in da world!

Obviously been to Clemson a few times!

I've been chilling with my Olivia (Sugar's daughter - i haven't been gone THAT long)

And spending time with my sweetest cutest girls!

I hate not being able to "find" the time to blog - between Facebook, work and Annie I have never been so busy and accomplished nothing...I am missing ALL of you!!

I also uploaded new arrivals to The Pink Crocodile go check it out spring is the best ever!

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Mari said...

If I hadn't seen you on Facebook I would have thought something happened to you. Don't wait so long to come back! }:-]

Jennisa said...

we miss you too!!!! Good thing for facebook!

annie said...

Miss you too!

Terri said...

I totally get it - it's hard to do everything!

Bonnie said...

Go facebook !! Love it ! Hurry back ... once things slow down !!

blessedbigtime said...

You've been tagged! It's easy! go to my blog for the rules!