Friday, August 22, 2008

Hotlanta - The Buying Trip!

Susie was working at the show! It was FUN!!! She helped us weed through the not so great stuff!

THIS was my FAVORITE outfit!!! SOOO CUTE!!!

We got some hats to go with bathing suits!

AND - I got a DRESS named after me -
It's officially called THE DENA!!!
I loved it sooo much i bought it in THREE colors ( i am certain the Dena was one of the fastest sellers) LOVEIT!

How sad there are NO pictures of Leslie and I on the trip - she is a GREAT help and is the BEST travel companion!! She's ALL work and dinner - which is the bomb!!!
Thanks for going with me - I LOVE trips with you!!!!

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Cheri said...

I bet you two had the best time- that would be so much fun to pick out clothes for your store!

Heidi said...

"The Dena" is adorable! Love Annie's first day of school outfit too.

Mari said...

What a fun thing to do, especially with Leslie! I think The Dena will be a great seller!

Jennisa said...

Fun Fun Fun!!!!! Those are some cute clothes!

Lisa and Madeline said...

OK, I LOVE PATCHWORK! I gotta have that dress!! Is it a summer or fall? Anyhow, gotta have! Let me know a price, etc...will be in touch.

Congrats on getting a dress named after you. So cool! Your clothes are always adorable--again, wish I was closer. Would so love to shop in your store.


annie said...

So cute!!!

Terri said...

That "dena" is a cute one - the dress is too! :)
Wish I lived closer and could go on trips with you!!

LeslieW. said...

So glad we are done with that! Can't wait for all the cute stuff to come in! Especially the Dena!

Leslie said...

OMG i love the Dean outfit and the plaid dress! Does your store have a website? I love to dress my Baby!

The Birds Nest said...

I LOVE the madras!!! If only they had it in my size...oh I would look hideous in my size!!

davispictures said...

The thing I like the most are your glasses!!!! Adorable!