Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

(it's about 12:45p.m.)

1. Went to Chisel
2. Hung out with Buffie for a bit
3. Took a shower
4. Went to the dry cleaner
5. dropped Annie's invites off at the post office
6. went to the monogrammer
7. Filled my car up with gas
8. picked up some invites to print
9. went to Zaxby's for a salad and 3 kids meals
10. went to Leslie's to drop off med and pick up kids
11. left my house FULL with the grannie nannie, 3 kids and the cleaning lady
12. printed 100 invites
13. I am now blogging and eating lunch at the same time!

So I have been wondering where all the time is going and why I can't stay up on all the blogs - NOW I know! yikes - I NEED a computer at home!

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The LaBouffs said...

Sheesh! You're wonder woman!

Elsa said...

You sure are busy!! Zaxby's salads...yum yum!!

Mari said...

You are something! You do need a computer at home. I don't know how you've made it without one!

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

Do I need to send the wonder woman card to you? Think so!!!

Laura said...

What are all the invites for? Are you planning another wild and crazy Dena-style party? Although you said "Annie's" invites - so is Annie planning this one? :)

Lindsay said...

wow!!!!and all before lunch!!!!!!

Jennisa said...

you DO need a 'puter at home! Then you can keep up with us all at night!

You's a busy woman!!!

The Birds Nest said...

You DEFINITELY need a computer at home!!! Maybe you could put a laptop on your birthday list...