Friday, July 06, 2007

No No - Please don't stand up!

I never expected this in a million years ~ I thought it MIGHT be possible but hey - you never really believe it will happen to you! So I don't have a speech prepared but I would like to take a minute to thank...HAHAHAHAHAH - It does feel like I just won an OSCAR! Jennisa has nominated ME? for this funness! This is what she says and I QUOTE (I couldn't make this up!)
Dena ~ over at Growing Up Girlie is such a hoot! I can't say enough about this gal!
She leaves the best comments and knows how to crack me up! I met her in bloggie world when I did her layout!

Kudos to Leslie ~ my bestest and most blogalicious friend for getting herself a nod too - I obviously think EVERYTHING she does is awesome and funny!

I do love me some bloggie friends and can't get over how attached you can become to them! It's nice to have friends in all sorts of neat places!

Here are my Rockin' Bloggie Chick Picks!

Annie - Between the kids, the fridge, the diet and the goodmail - I don't know how she has time to blog but she does - She's funny and doesn't know it which makes her even funnier! I also like keeping up with Izzy's progress because the love warms my heart!

Lindsay - I have NEVER seen anyone take to the bloggie world the way she has - She is a blogmaster and it amazes me how much she is on THE GO!

Rebeccah - She doesn't do it much but when she do - it is PROFOUND - okay profoundly funny but hey! They don't call it Connelly Confusion for nothing!

I would nominate more but I DO have to get to work and some of my FAVES are already on the list! I would like to thank my 10 - 12 loyal readers! It gives me more joy than you know!!!! THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!!


The LaBouffs said...

Aww! I're a great blogger! You always leave such funny comments! What can I say? You're just an awesome person!

LeslieW. said...

Congrats on the award! I will agree that you are particularly blogolicious! I'm proud to be nominated with you!

Terri said...

Wow - what an honor! Do I dare to still comment on such a great blog? Seriously, I always love reading what you've got to say and I miss it when you're away. You truly deserve this award!

Jeffcoat House said...

You are too much!

Lindsay said...

YEAH, BABY! That Rocks! You are blog-a-licious.AND you do leave some of the best bloggie comments! My husband seconds that! Thanks for the nod, too. I do like a blog post. he he.

annie said...

You do rock Dena! I just love visiting you and Annie over here!
Thank you thank you thank you...
You are too sweet for words.

Anonymous said...

Other people finally know what your friends know- that you are a blogolicious, funny, witty chic!!